Kurant Corporation is the industry's premier provider of electronic commerce infrastructure. StoreSense?, our award-winning flagship product, allows small businesses to build a commerce-enabled website quickly, easily and affordably. Kurant markets StoreSense to small businesses worldwide through Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Application Service Providers (ASPs) and portals.

Microsoft's vision is to empower people through great software - any time, any place and on any device. As the worldwide leader in software for personal and business computing, Microsoft strives to produce innovative products and services that meet our customers' evolving needs. At the same time, we understand that long-term success is about more than just making great products. Find out what we mean when we talk about Living Our Values.

Cobalt Networks is connecting .com, .net, .gov, .edu, .mil. We're connecting businesses to their customers and connecting schools to limitless information. We're enabling organizations that previously could not afford a Web presence to do so easily, affordably and reliably. We're connecting Linux software developers with a vast user base. In short, Cobalt Networks is connecting the dots. Our products are changing the world. Our business is changing every day.

Rackspace Managed Hosting is the pioneer in managed web servers. We manage more than 2400 servers including the largest network of Linux-based webservers in the world. Rackspace's world-class data facilities, multi-homed network, and fanatical customer service have earned us the reputation as the premiere provider of dedicated hosting solutions to customers around the world. The Rackspace network is home to all types of websites -- from Fortune 1000 companies such as AMD, Canon, KPMG, and Ziff-Davis to up-and-coming e-businesses such as Bleem!,,, and

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