Nice Maker philosophy and approach is to design and
provide an intuitive working process between you and
our consultant or project manager. We not only speak
your language and understand your culture but also take
our time to understand your company. Our approach is
comprehensive and interactive. Our Internet consultant
work with you to define the solutions that best suit your
needs and budget.

1) Business Analysis - Our Internet consultant sit down
with you to understand your business needs and
requirement. We also establish the project scope, and
budget. A summary of your goal and objective will be
identified in our business analysis report.

2) Architect and Design - We will be able to answer your
questions such as what kind of solutions will be, what will
it look like and the functionality's.

3) Implement - Nice Maker will build the final product.
Then we'll test the completed web site to assure you the
functionality's and requirements and make sure you
understand how to manage and maintain it.

4) Enhancement - We'll continue to monitor and analyze
your site after the initial launch.

5) Marketing and Report - We'll work with your to create
an innovative and creative online and offline marketing
strategy and generate a web site report to ensure your
company goals and web site objectives are met.

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