Nice Maker had developed its own methodology to provide the best solution to our clients. Each clients is unique and special thus Nice Maker provide custom made for every clients. This case studies will provide you an insightful solution of what Nice Maker can provide you.

Summit Import Corp

The largest Asian food import distributor in the East Coast of U.S.A. With over 50 years of experience and unmatched reputation in the industry. We carry complete lines of dry, refrigerated and frozen food. We cater to the supermarket trade as well as wholesale and industrial customers

Summit Import wants place their entire catalog online. The company have over 2500 products and want its clients to view the catalog in English and Chinese. They also want this information presented in reliable and corporate style.


Nice Maker created the site use Microsoft ASP technology to customize an online catalog that support over 2500 products and bilingual service. The professional photographer is use photography the company product and warehouse to enable us to create corporate and rich web site.


• Using ASP and Microsoft Database

• Client login with personalization feature
• Public and Client only view of online catalog
• Professional photos

• Client use online catalog to search products
• Client able to view the company warehouse online
• Client can use the online catalog to create an order form or save them for later . As result save client time and improve the company order process.

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